My name is Louise Hawson. I’m a Sydney based photographer and writer/blogger. After hanging out at 52suburbs.com for eons, I’ve moved here – this is my new home in the digital world. Welcome!

You can still visit my old blogs via the links in the menu, or dive straight in to the new stuff here – a new blog, my portfolio combining commercial and personal work, and a shop where I make my favourite images available for purchase.

New blog

Unlike my previous blogs that were dedicated to a specific project and were more or less weekly, my new blog will be irregular and include both new projects as well as one off rambles. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on new posts!

Print shop

Some of my work is available as limited edition photographic prints through my online shop. The first series I’m releasing is beautiful beasts. Inspired by the stunning raw beauty of brumbies in the Snowy Mountains, I photographed this series over a number of visits as part of my new project, 52 Journeys, Australia. I’ve chosen a small handful of my favourite images from that journey, I hope you like them.

My client work

Commercially I work for a variety of clients around Australia as a lifestyle, travel and documentary photographer. They value my ‘eye’, passion and commitment – I won’t stop until I get the shot. My clients also appreciate the fact that I’m versatile and able to capture a mix of things, including people, landscapes, interiors, architecture and food. Please contact me at 52suburbs@nullgmail.com if you have a project in mind.

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