My name is Louise Hawson. I’m a lifestyle and travel photographer (and occasional writer/blogger) based in Sydney, Australia. I also have a Print Shop where I make my favourite images available for purchase.

What do I photograph?

Commercially I work for a variety of clients who value my ‘eye’, passion and commitment. They also appreciate my versatility and ability to capture a mix of things, from landscapes and architecture/interiors to people and food.

My aim is to find the beauty and romance, even in the ‘ordinary’ everyday, to create mood and elicit feeling. I lean towards nostalgia and a love of simple, timeless elegance.

I began my career as a photographer after completing two major photographic projects, 52 Suburbs (Sydney) and 52 Suburbs Around the World. They both started as blogs and evolved into published books as well as two four-month long solo exhibitions at the prestigious Museum of Sydney.

Why do I photograph?

I’m curious about many things on this extraordinary planet, from a fascination with humans to the environment around us, and I use my camera to explore and celebrate them. I’m increasingly drawn to spending time in and photographing the natural world, especially the sea and how we humans interact with it. I’m also obsessed with the transformative power of beautiful natural light.​ And lastly, photography is a form of meditation to me, where I think of nothing else but what I’m seeing. I love it!

Exhibitions and awards

2021 National Photographic Portrait Prize Finalist

2016 ‘The Art of Ageing’ exhibition, Sydney Town Hall
2013 ‘52 Suburbs Around the World’ exhibition, Museum of Sydney
2011 ‘52 Suburbs Sydney’ exhibition, Museum of Sydney
2010 100 Sydney faces, ‘Art & About’ banners, City of Sydney


Commissions, collaborations or questions are very welcome. Please contact me at