A weekend down the South Coast

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Ocean, Beach, Travel

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Anyone up for another (virtual) weekend away, this time down the coast? No lockdown, no cold and no rain. Hooray! This is the last of the quick getaways Coco and I did in 2020 – I wasn’t planning to post it as there’s not many images, but given this current lockdown looks like it might be hanging around for a while, I thought a little uplifting distraction might help. Let’s go!

Hyams Beach

Coco and Rosie

Coco and I rented a house down the coast at Manyana Beach, about three hours south of Sydney, with another mum and daughter, Anne and Rosie, old neighbours who are now dear friends. Before we explored Manyana itself, we headed north to the more famous Hyams Beach. I’d never been but as soon as I spied the beach, I realised what one of its main attractions is – unbelievably white sand.

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100% accurate

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sea creatures

The next day I had a wander along Manyana Beach while the others lazed around the house. In contrast to Hyams’ blindingly white sand, Manyana has jet-black rock, made even more dramatic by the stormy skies. I particularly loved the tiny limpets that cling to the rocks, surviving constant tidal movement (and I’d love to know what all the white squiggles are if anyone knows).


and white

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treasure island indeed

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the science of shells

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small wave, big cloud

what a glorious place to chase a ball

or ride a wave

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jellyfish vs sand snail sacs that look like jellyfish

the end!

And that’s it folks. I said it would be brief, didn’t I? But I hope it injected a little colour and movement into your day nonetheless, especially if you’re stuck at home in Sydney lockdown. One day we will all be free again and won’t it be so sweet. Take care everyone.