52 Journeys, Australia: No 4, North Stradbroke Island

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Islands, Ocean, Beach, Travel, 52 Journeys

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Okay, so just to say, this is a very brief post! After experiencing the magic of Lord Howe Island around a year ago, I was keen to visit another much loved Australian island, North Stradbroke/Minjerribah, just off the coast of Brisbane. So I headed up there late last year with a few friends. But I was only there for a few days and didn’t have much time to shoot. Even so, I hope these images convey some of the beauty of Straddie and the feeling of peace that being on an island (one that’s largely nature’s domain) gives.

Flying over Straddie on the way to Brisbane, you can see just how little of it is inhabited by humans – most of the long, skinny sand island is covered in dense bushland with many lakes and wetlands.

To get to the island, you catch a ferry from the mainland which takes about an hour. It drops you on the west side of Straddie at Dunwich, which is one of three small townships. The other two are Amity and Point Lookout. We stayed at Point Lookout on the north-east coast, where there’s a number of fabulous beaches and a small handful of little shops and cafes.

South Gorge

North Gorge

Pretty much the first thing I did was the 1.2-kilometre North Gorge Walk, which takes you around the Point Lookout headland, past the dramatic North Gorge and then ends at South Gorge Beach.

South Gorge swimmers


Two of the most striking features of Straddie are the Pandanus tree, which I personally love, and the clearest and most vivid turquoise water.

Pandanus everywhere

Main Beach surfing

home time

last light

And I’m afraid that’s it! There’s obviously a lot more to Straddie. For one thing, I’d really like to learn about the Indigenous side of the island, known as Minjerribah. I met the lovely Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, who’s a descendent of the Quandamooka people, the traditional owners of Minjerribah. She runs a great shop at Dunwich, selling her very beautiful clothes and art, which is definitely worth a visit. I had a chat to her about the Indigenous history and culture of Straddie/Minjerribah and I’m keen to do a tour led by an Indigenous guide next time I visit.

So yes, a short and sweet post. But despite the brevity, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little taste of the beautiful island.