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Prices are in Australian dollars

And they include GST. (International orders won’t have to pay this tax – it’s automatically deducted before you pay at checkout.)

Methods for payment

You can pay by credit card. This site uses Stripe which is like PayPal and other payment gateways.

Gift Certificate

Once you’ve chosen the amount you’d like to give, you’ll be asked to enter the email of the person who you’re giving the print to. They will then be sent an email with a code in it. They then choose whatever print they like from my shop and enter that code. If they’d like a more expensive option, they can make up the difference at Checkout. They will also be responsible for paying the shipping. If you’d rather they receive the gift certificate as a surprise, simply enter your own email and then present the person with the code at the time of giving the gift.

Orders from outside Australia

You won’t have to pay the Australian tax (called GST, this tax is deducted at checkout). But you may have to pay local customs duties and taxes, so please check with your local customs authority before ordering.

Returns policy

There are no returns or exchanges as your print has been made to order for you. If the print or framed print has been damaged during shipping, please take a few photos of the damage and send them to 52suburbs@nullgmail.com for review within five days.

Trade discount

If you’re an interior designer or other relevant trade, please contact Louise at 52suburbs@nullgmail.com to get a trade discount on prints. You’ll just need to provide a few details about your project as well as your ABN, company name, etc.

Limited Edition – what it means

Limited edition prints are different to prints you might find in a shop because there are only a limited amount of them available. This makes them more special and more valuable. Once an edition is sold out, there won’t be any more available.

All my prints are limited edition and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. However, the editions vary in number according to print size:

Small – an edition of 100 prints
Medium – an edition of 50 prints
Large – an edition of 30 prints
Extra large – an edition of 15 prints

Each print is signed and numbered and dated.

White borders around prints

Small, medium or large print have white borders (unless you request no border). However, if you order an extra-large print, there is no border – the print is big enough without one and the ‘no border’ look is very contemporary and impactful at this size.

Exact measurements of the prints

Print size: 30cm x 42 cm
Print size plus 6cm white border: 42cm x 54 cm
Framed size: 46cm x 58 cm

Print size: 51cm x 76cm
Print size plus 7cm white border: 65cm x 90cm
Framed size: 69cm x 94cm

Print size: 81cm x 122cm
Print size plus 7cm white border: 95cm x 136cm
Framed size: 101cm x 142cm

Print size: 105cm x 158cm
No white border
Framed size: 111cm x 164cm

The ‘Print size’ refers to the image size itself, without the white border and is measured from the outside edge of the print.

Small, medium and large prints have a 6 or 7cm white border, while the extra large print has no border.

The ‘Framed size’ is measured from the outside edge of the frame and includes the image, the border (except for the extra large size which has no border) and the frame itself.

Materials used and how best to care for your print/frame

The image is printed on fine art archival paper, a heavy 300gsm cotton rag. The prints are susceptible to creasing and marking, so if you’ve ordered an unframed print, please be careful when removing the print from the tube (make sure your hands are clean!). If you’re unsure and plan to get the print professionally framed, it’s advisable to take the tube straight to the framer to open – they’ll have the white gloves and the know-how to get the print out of the tube without damaging it.

The FRAMES are made of a beautiful Tasmanian Oak (unless you request a white or black frame). Each frame is hand cut and made in Australia. UV acrylic is used instead of glass because it’s lighter and shatter-proof, as well as protecting your print from UV light, while giving the same appearance as glass. Please be careful not to scratch the acrylic and avoid hanging the frame in direct sunlight.

Cleaning your frame: Don’t spray directly onto the surface of the acrylic – instead, use a Dust Grabber (from Woolworths) to get rid of dust, and then spray a little ammonia-free glass cleaner or a weak solution of methylated spirits onto a microfiber cloth and apply gently to remove hand prints, etc.


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1. Contact me at 52suburbs@nullgmail.com to obtain permission

  1. Once permission is given, you must credit my image with my name, Louise Hawson, and
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Privacy and security

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